Where to Buy Keurig: www.aromacup.com Where to Buy Tassimo: www.aromacup.com Where to Buy Verismo: www.aromacup.com So which Single Serve Coffee Machine is right for you Keurig VUE, Tassimo or Starbucks Verismo? In this exclusive side by side review you will learn the difference between Keurig VUE single-serve brewer, Tassimo Coffee Maker and Starbucks Verismo Espresso machine. In this video we use: – Starbucks Verismo 580 – Tassimo T45 – Keurig VUE v700 EXTERNAL LINKS: Keurig – www.keurig.aromacup.com Tassimo – www.tassimo.aromacup.com Enjoy your cup, www.Aromacup.com

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